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Fat Boy Penis Extender For Great Pup Play Fun.

fat boy penis extender

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On May 19, 2013
Last modified:December 25, 2013


If you are looking for a fun toy to help satisfy even the most greedy bottom this is the toy for you. Durable, stretchy and fun it has internal ribs as well so you have just as much fun as the person you're working over! Highly recommended

Hey there pups! Today I just wanted to share a quick review of this fun toy, the “Fat Boy Penis Extender” bought from the guys at Mr S Leather.

This toy is heaps of fun. Made from super soft silicone, when worn over the erect cock it adds an extra inch of length to the cock as well as a good extra inch and a half in width. If you like to mount your piggy bottom pup play friends the Fat Boy Penis Extender is a great toy to have in your play bag.

Top tip is to soak it in some warm water then put some lube inside the tube before you put it on. There is a hole to put your nuts though to help keep it in place.

The inside of the cock extender is filled with nodules and bumps to give you extra sensations as you fuck your puppy bro’s ass.

I give this toy four woofs!

Click here to check out the Fat Boy Penis Extender at Mr S Leather.

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