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Ideas For CLAW Part 1 – Leather Shirts

With CLAW 2018 just around the corner I wanted to share some of my favorite leather looks for this event…

I am a big fan of CLAW as it encompasses so much of my favorite kinks from leather to rubber, plenty of S&M and a great atmosphere as well.

I have found the guys to be friendly and many people are def dressed in the gear that are passionate about and feel sexy in.

I wanted to start with leather shirts because 1) it’s my top choice and 2) if you are considering leather, in particular made to order you need to place an order sooner rather then later.

When it comes to leather gear, it really comes down – like many things, to tops and bottoms. Let’s concentrate on tops today 😉

Choosing A Leather Shirt

For me one of the most versatile pieces of gear is a well fitted leather shirt…

The standard is of course the black leather shirt which I like however I love color. I flag most of the shades of blue so this was a natural choice for me…

I like to show ink and love seeing a sexy furry arm so tend toward a short sleeve however the long sleeves look amazing in formal wear.

Probably the most important aspect of choosing your shirt is to make sure you get the right size. Leather will form to your body but it doesn’t stretch like other fabrics…  Best to get the measurements right before you order!

When it comes to choosing the type of leather some things I have learned over time:

  • The natural, naked leather shirts feel amazing and are super soft – Naked Leather Shirt
  • If you tend to over heat, go for a short sleeve shirt as your arms cool you down more than you think – Short Sleeve Leather Shirts
  • If you really over heat then perforated leather lets heaps of heat off and adds a cool textured look – Perforated Leather Shirt
  • The leather polo shirts are a great option for a casual formal look – Leather Polo Shirt
  • Adding colors allows you to flag your interests and also can help you stand out from a sea of black leather – Shirt With Color Accents
  • For that super formal look you can’t go past a long sleeve – Long Sleeve Leather Shirts
  • To get your shirt looking amazing, wear it a few times to break it in, the sweatier the better! No time? – Sleep in it!
  • To help keep your shirt lovely and soft be sure to use some quality leather conditioner on a regular basis. I highly recommend Obenauf’s – Obenauf Leather Conditioner
  • Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Adding a leather harness can look amazing over a leather shirt and adds texture as well as color. There is a massive range of harnesses available – Leather Harnesses

Of course be sure to check out the full range of leather shirts here @ Mr S.

Enjoy your leather!

George / Gpup

Coming Up:

Leather Pants
Rubber Gear
Pup Gear
Floggers & Paddles

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