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Your Pup Hood As You Expression Of Self

Today  I wanted to share this great video by the wonderful Dire Pup, well Wolf as explained in the video. Dire talks about the importance of your pup hood as an expression of your inner, and outer pup.

Importantly Dire urges Sir’s, Masters, Handlers, well anyone really, to allow the pup to have their voice. A pups choice of their puppy mask is highly individual, it’s a direct expression of the structure of their pup persona. To reject the look of a human pup mask that was chosen can easily be taken as a rejection of the pup…

Let’s not do that… Let’s celebrate our expression of self.

As you can see Dire has a wonderful collection of hoods and I am so thrilled to see Dire loving their custom neoprene hood complete with a leather version for completeness. You look amazing pup!

For those interested, you can check out the custom hoods here @ Mr S:

Custom Neoprene Puppy Hood
Custom Leather Puppy Hood

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha

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