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leather puppy mask a leather dog mask from Mr S Leather

My first dog mask

For me one of the most important pieces of my puppy play gear is my puppy mask. When in my leather dog mask I fall into pup headspace very quickly.

My First Puppy Hood

Pictured above is my very first leather puppy hood. I bought this more then six years ago when visiting Dore Alley in San Francisco. At the time it was a very expensive purchase but one that excited me very much.

I remember being in the changing room trying it on, I was kinda apprehensive, this was my first purchase… At the time I had no Master, heck I didn’t even know a lot about pup play except that in my heart I knew I was a pup. I have always been a pup.

It took five years before I wore my leather dog hood again. Boy look at me know…

My Rubberdawg Puppy Mask

rubber puppy hoodAs my pup self developed I purchased another mask. A special puppy mask: My Rubberdawg puppy hood.
This is the ultimate puppy mask. Rubberdawg’s work is world recognised and the quality is amazing.

If you are looking for the ultimate expression of your inner pup, Rubberdawg will help create the ultimate visual hood. His work is truly amazing and I strongly is you have the time and the funds to have your personal puppy hood made by RubberDawg. He is the king of the human puppy mask.

As you can see, I am pretty much a Shepherd. Strong, faithful and and a bit of a boof head. 🙂

I think the trick is to really get to know your puppy self and what you enjoy. Your puppy hood is a significant purchase so you want to have a mask that is going to help you feel like a true human pup. Look around at the different styles, there is a puppy mask to fit your every mood. Perhaps a nice rubber dog mask?

My Mr S Leather Dog Mask

I’ve just added a great new hood to my collection: the Mr S Leather Dog Mask.

It fits beautifully and the best part is the snout is removable leaving the mouth open for eating, drinking and nibbling on your masters bone. 🙂

What can I say, puppy play is fun, shouldn’t your mask be as well 😉

Hugs and tugs guys.


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