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Wolf’s Rubber Dog Hood

rubber dog maskHey Pups! Wolf is probably the king of rubber dogs in the Sirius Pup Pack. Today he was kind enough to make a bit of a video showing off some of the features of his rubber dog hood.

If you are a rubber fan there is nothing better than the full sensory overload of wearing a rubber dog hood.

Sexy Shiny Rubber Dog Mask

You can check out the Mr S Rubber Dog Hood here. *click*

Tight against you skin you can enjoy the sensation, smells and warmth of when you are in rubber from head to toe.

Actually cool story, I had my bro Wolf staying over one night and when I woke up Wolf was right beside me in his rubber dog hood and pup suit!

I was rock hard in about 5 seconds flat so quickly got up and put my Rubberdawg hood and suit on so we could be rubber pups together 🙂 .

Needless to say that was a fucking awesome morning with my pup bro…

Anyways I hope you enjoy Wolf’s video on why he loves his rubber dog hood.

Hugs and tugs.

Gpup Alpha

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