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learn human pup playHey there Pups,

Man I love this picture.

This picture was taken in December 2012 during a weekend training at the Sirius Pup compound.

That’s me, Gpup, in the middle. On the left is my brother Trooper Bravo, and the right my new pup brother Gryff. Taking the pic is my Master. To most he is known as Jyan, but to me he is Sir, my Master.

When I look at this picture it’s hard to believe that nine months ago I knew nothing about pup play. Well not quite. I did know there was a puppy inside me but I had no freaking idea where to start…

All I had was leather puppy hood and a dream that somehow I would find my master.

I smile when I remember how I met Sir. It was too weird to be a coincidence, but it really felt like destiny had struck…

Dam, I didn’t want to get all mystical but I can’t think of any other way to explain it…

Hmmm. Hang on. Let me go back a few years, it will probably make a bit more sense if I start there.

So let’s wind the clock back to summer in 2008…

My Introduction To Human Pup Play

Almost on a whim my partner and I had decided to take a few weeks of and head to the USA for a well earned vacation.


First stop was San Francisco… Fuck I love that place. For me it’s kind of like a mix between Disneyland and a wonderful grubby fantasy I had discovered in rough porn mag aged 15.

Now at this time of my life I was just starting to explore. I was extending my boundaries. I was ready to try something new.

We were staying on 7th street, just around the block from Mr S Leather.  Naturally we had to visit the “leather kingdom” as my friends call it.
Dore Alley was on the next day so I was keen to check out some gear.

At the time I knew nothing about pup play, well I had seen a few pictures but other then that I was a pup play virgin…

Mr S was like a freaking kink and fun mecca…

In between checking out the leather and rubber (do I need to tell you I freaking LOVE rubber?) I was drawn to a leather dog mask… I wasn’t sure why, but I knew in my heart I had to own it. I was captivated. I just could feel a gentle tug on my heart… Almost like a leash pulling on a collar 😉 .

I didn’t end out buying the mask that day. To be honest I was really not sure how my partner would take it. It was a little expensive but damm I knew I wanted it. I wanted it big time.

Skipping forward to the next day we caught up with some Aussie mates and headed to fun of Dore Alley. It was amazing.

The vibe was palpable. Everyone was smiling, well except for one guy getting the whipping of his life, but I think even he was pretty pleased. It was absolutely buzzing. Just after we entered I came across a pack of rubber puppies. They were barking and playing, clearly having the time of their lives…

My ears pricked forward…

The First Human Pup I Ever Met
Just after lunch we happened upon a handsome leather pup and his master.

Now I know I had only been away for 2 days but I was already starting to miss my pups. (Well that’s what I said to the handler, truth is really wanted to meet this pup!)

I approached the master, explained how I was visiting and really missing my dogs back home. I quietly asked if I could pat his puppy. The master was awesome and handed his pups leash straight to me. This my friend was my first meeting with a human dog.

That was it. I was addicted.

Zooming forward to today I always look back on that afternoon at Dore Alley as the seminal moment. The exact point in time when I knew I was destined to be a puppy.

A human dog.

I even went back to Mr S and bought my first puppy hood that very day.

Even though I knew nothing about human pup play I was ready and 100% happy.

Sadly I  didn’t have a master. I had no idea where to find one but my ears were pricked, ready for the quietest alert should a my future master be present.

It was another four years before I met my Master. That my friend was the most amazing, enlightening, wonderful day. Gpup was born: 21/3/12


Since that first meet I have grown as a puppy. Sir has taught me so much, his patience and care has been so nurturing.

I honestly appreciate how much my master has given me, I knew that I had to give something back. To foster and give to the pup play community in the same way Sir has given to me.

So I suppose you may be wondering why I made this website…

You see I honestly feel I have been very, very fortunate.

I’ve been incredibly lucky in how “the universe”, “Buddah”, or what every life force you choose to believe in has guided me towards meeting my mentor.

I’ve honestly feel very very grateful. I also know there are many who have not had the same fortune as me.

Sadly there are many pups who don’t have a master. Stray, perhaps lost, looking, looking in the same way I did for those long four years. Some pups have been abused by people claiming to be “masters” when they really know nothing about pup training.

Consider this site as “paying it forward”. A chance for me to share my experience of my ongoing training with my Master.

Sir has been very kind to allow me to share my thoughts and experiences during my training.


Look I’m no trainer. Sir’s work in amazing, ground breaking and very well documented at the Sirius Pup website.

What I’ve created is a stack of notes I have written about my experiences during pup training. Kind of like a personal supplement to my Master’s awesome work.

If you would like to have a “birds eye view” of what it’s like to be a Sirius Pup then all you need to do is share your email address below and I’ll share with you each new experience as Sir takes me though them.

The purpose of my site is not to train other pups, that’s why Sirius Pups exists. This site is really about sharing my thoughts, experiences and tips I have learned during my pup training. Kind of like my personal supplement to the collar trainings at Sirius Pups.

I still have a long way to go in my training but I find writing about how I experience the lessons a great way to reinforce my training.

Perhaps you might appreciate it too? Kind of like catching up with my pup mates at the water cooler or even the dog park! 🙂

What do you say? Would you like to have a bit of a puppy bro who is happy to share his experience?

All you need to do is put your first name and best email in the box below and I can keep you in the loop of what Sir is teaching me.

Interested in me sharing my thoughts and experience of pup training?

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PS. If you are worried about mixing your “business with pleasure” in email, one option is to pop over to Gmail and create a special email address devoted just to your pup play training… http://Gmail.com

All of the emails are delivered in a discrete way but hey, it’s probably not a good idea to use your work email address 😉 .

Gmail is awesome and with 10 Gig of storage with each account you’ll have plenty of space to keep your lessons as we share them day by day. Pop on over to Gmail, create your account and come back and join us here.

Catch you soon on the other side.

Gpup Alpha…

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