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Human Pup Play FAQ

What Is Human Pup Play?


Welcome to the human pup play FAQ I have created. Over time I am going to be adding videos so please feel free to contact me, Gpup if you have additional questions you’d like to be added.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive resource however I am always happy to add or adjust should there be changes needed.

Happy pup play!

  • Are All Human Pups Furries?

    One of the common questions in human pup play is where the origins are of this fetish. One path way to human puppy play is via the furry fandom. This anthropomorphic fetish play can involve the creation of furry personas or “fursonas” of which some may be in a canine form. This is a contrast [...]

  • Are There Only Certain People Who Can Be Human Pups?

    Human pup play is a fun enjoyable kink that everyone can participate in. Male, female, gay, straight, bi, trans, able, disabled, you name it you can enjoy it. Often we get caught up with labels and ideas of who should and should not be able to enjoy human puppy play but the fact is we [...]

  • Do I Need Special Gear To Be A Human Pup?

    One of the most common pup play questions is “Do I need specific gear to be able to enjoy human pup play?”. The good news is that there is no need to rush out and start stocking up on hood, tails and gear unless you want to. Pup play can be enjoyed naked as the [...]

  • Do I Need To Be Collared To Be A Proper Human Pup?

    As with all the puppy play FAQ videos I am hoping to share a balanced and fair view of all things for those interested in the life of a human dog. One of the biggest questions I get asked is “how do I find an owner?” and “what will happen if I don’t find a [...]

  • Does Being A Human Pup Mean I Eat Dog Food?

    Food created for canines is not designed to be consumed by humans. For this reason it’s very important to not eat dog food as part of a human dog role play. The good news is there are heaps of great food choices you can make that are designed to be eaten by human pups. Some [...]

  • Does Human Pup Play Involve Actual Animal Play (Beastiality?)

    In this video as part of the human dog play FAQ I wanted to make 100% clear that there is no connection between human puppy play, an anthropomorphic role play fetish and actual contact with dogs or other animals. Human pup play is about acting out the spirit of a dog, to take on it’s [...]

  • Does Being A Human Pup Mean I Will Be Humiliated?

    Many people worry when they enter into human pup play that they are going to be humiliated or be treated poorly. Within some aspects of sadomasochism involving human pup play can incorporate people being treated in a submissive way this is not the general rule for all of human pup training. For many human dogs, [...]

  • Does Human Pup Play Mean Sexy Animal Outfits?

    In this video I wanted to address two questions¬†that are often asked when it comes to human pup play. First is “Does human pup play mean you have to have sexy animal outfits?” and secondly “Does owning sexy animal outfits mean you are into human pup play?”. Human puppy play is exactly what you make [...]

  • Does Human Pup Play Mean I Have An Animal Fetish?

    Another common question about pup play is whether or not human pup play is an animal fetish. To be clear human puppy play is not involved in the exploitation of animals in any way. Pup play is about embodying the spirit, behaviours and psychology of dogs into a human form. We do not wish to [...]

  • Is There Only One Type Of Human Pup?

    In this video as part of the human pup play FAQ I wanted to address the idea that there is no particular type of person that human pup play is designed for. Pup play is open and available for all people to enjoy no matter sex, sexuality, race, body type, abilities, disabilities, everyone can enjoy life [...]

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