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Does Being A Human Pup Mean I Will Be Humiliated?

Many people worry when they enter into human pup play that they are going to be humiliated or be treated poorly.

Within some aspects of sadomasochism involving human pup play can incorporate people being treated in a submissive way this is not the general rule for all of human pup training.

For many human dogs, puppy play allows the release and relaxation to take on the role of a cherished pet, loved and adored. This is the exact opposite of what many people fear when entering into animal roleplay.

The key points are to make sure that you always discuss what your intentions and hopes are for a scene before you start. Be clear about what you would like to try, what you hope to happen and you are going to be at a much higher chance of having that occur.

If there are any points you are not comfortable with be sure to discuss this before you start play.

Hugs and tugs

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