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Does Human Pup Play Mean Sexy Animal Outfits?

In this video I wanted to address two questions that are often asked when it comes to human pup play.

First is “Does human pup play mean you have to have sexy animal outfits?” and secondly “Does owning sexy animal outfits mean you are into human pup play?”.

Human puppy play is exactly what you make of it. It can be a wonderful opportunity to explore different costumes and kink wear however for many it’s as much a head game as anything else. You don’t need special gear to be a human pup. In fact the only point I would make is that the only “mandated” gear I would suggest is to make sure you have good knee and wrist protection.

Everything else added is for fun and enjoyment.

Secondly it’s important that just because a girl decided to dress up like a sexy kitten for a halloween party it does not necessarily mean she is into kitten play. The same goes for dog or any other fetish wear. Just because someone is wearing bondage restraints they may not be into bondage.

For this reason it’s important to not project fetish onto a person just by what they wear. Be curious, ask lots of questions, you may never know.

Enjoy your pup curiosity!

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha

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