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Do I Need To Be Collared To Be A Proper Human Pup?

As with all the puppy play FAQ videos I am hoping to share a balanced and fair view of all things for those interested in the life of a human dog.

One of the biggest questions I get asked is “how do I find an owner?” and “what will happen if I don’t find a trainer?”.

One thing I want to reassure you is that you don’t need to be collared to be able to fully enjoy human puppy play. Sure it’s nice to have someone that you love and care for however having an owner may not be the best situation for all.

Many pups are strays and still enjoy a rich and pleasure filled life with friends and mates who may or may not be in formal ownership arrangements.

I highly recommend on focusing your attention on learning about what you enjoy and to find good friends, pups and more you can enjoy these things with. If you happen to meet someone who’s collar you wish to wear, great. If not go forth and continue to enjoy all the fun you can have in your human pup life.

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