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Are All Human Pups Furries?

One of the common questions in human pup play is where the origins are of this fetish.

One path way to human puppy play is via the furry fandom. This anthropomorphic fetish play can involve the creation of furry personas or “fursonas” of which some may be in a canine form.

This is a contrast to those introduced to human dog play via leather or S&M communities where pup play has been considered to be an act of submission in sadomasochistic relationships. Clearly this is a very different pathway to those from the fandom.

What we can learn from each group is that there are many elements that are involved in pup play. From our furry friends we can learn about persona creation and from our leather pups we can learn about gear, bondage, domination and submission.

Each group can contribute to each other to be benefit of all.

Hugs and tugs.

Gpup Alpha

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