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Gpup Alpha’s RubberDawg Mask

Gpup Alpha's Rubberdawg hoodI was talking with my pup brother Brand about the process I went through to get my RubberDawg mask. As I’ve been asked a few times about the process I thought I’d make a quick video.

It’s actually very straight forward to order a RubberDawg mask. What I recommend is to head over to the Rubberdawg website and check out the many shapes and designs. There are plenty of different dog breeds to choose from.

Also there are many different shapes including some of the more open face styles that are perfect if you are a pup that needs to wear glasses.

What I did then was sent an email that included a picture of my first pup for the mask to be styled off.

Rubberdawg is a very busy man so it can take a while for him to return your email but rest assured he will get back to you.

Once payment is sorted it can be a couple of months for your mask to be created but the wait is absolutely worth it.  I love my RubberDawg mask and I highly recommend considering grabbing one once you have a feel for the style of pup you are.

Of all the different puppy play masks I have, my german shepherd mask is definitely my favourite.

Hugs and tugs.

Gpup Alpha

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