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RubberDawg Puppy Hoods & Masks

rubberdawg puppy hood

Guys, I love my leather puppy hood however when it comes to the best of the best in puppy play accessories Rubber Dawg wins paws down. Known internationally for his excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail, any pup worth his salt should own a RubberDawg mask.

RubberDawg masks are made of more then 42 coats of latex and can be customized to your exact needs.

I have recently ordered a Rubberdawg puppy hood myself and the service has been fantastic. Every option available was shared with me and I was even able to send him a picture of how I wanted my mask to look. My new hood is in the mail right now and I’m really looking forward to it’s arrival

The pup pictured here is a husky. As with bio-pups, all the Rubber Dawg masks come in all sorts of shades and breeds.

rubberdawg maskThis Rottweiler pup hood is sure to get all the dogs in town sniffing to find out who this new alpha is in town. ;)

Each of the hoods has a different length of snout. The Rottweiler snout is a little shorter making drinking from bowls a little easier.

For a more casual “pup around town” look drinking beer from a bottle is simple and certainly establish your alpha status at your next puppy pile.

rubberdawg puppy hoodEach of the full Rubberdawg puppy hoods has a zipper at the back that has a special flap to ensure hair does not get caught
The workman ship is great and when you purchase through Rubber Dawg direct your mask will be made exactly for you complete with hand coloring.

Of course this level of individual service is takes time and the creation  of your mask can currently take 4-6 weeks as they are hugely popular as well as time intensive to create.

If you have a need for your mask sooner one option is to buy though one of the Rubber Dawg’s distributor such as Mr S Leather. They have a good selection with the dog masks available in a standard black.

rubberdawg puppy maskI have found the masks to be very comfortable however some people report that they feel a little too enclosed with the full face mask.

One good option is to consider a 3/4 mask. This cute option helps open up the face, allows for full access to pup’s mouth and can help increase comfort for the full play sessions you can enjoy in the pack and with your master. There are a number of different designs available.

Click here to check out the 3/4 RubberDawg Puppy Hood @ Mr S

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