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Leather Puppy Hoods

leather puppy hood

Mr S Leather Puppy Hood

The first item I ever bought as my introduction to the puppy play world was my own leather puppy hood.

For years I was interested in the puppy world. I remember going to Mr S and looking at the masks and I was hooked. I had to have one. Even just putting the mask on, that first act of submission to my desires was exciting. I was hooked.

I now own three different puppy masks but this leather puppy hood is my favourite. The leather is firm against my skin and can be as tight or as loose as I want. While the mask did come with a removable leather gag I’ve never used it. My puppy mouth has too much work to do.

My only problem was that the snout can collapse a little so I put some firm card into the lining of the nose to help it keep the snout shape.

For the entry to puppyhood I honestly believe that the two most important purchases are your puppy mask and your first tail. For me the most memorable, most exciting and most important to me was when I went to buy this leather puppy hood.

Mr S has a number of masks however this particular leather puppy mask is always going to me special to me. Whenever I want to be in pup space and take some time out this is the mask I reach for first.

Before you buy, I highly recommend getting one with different colors on the snout. I really helps define facial features that can be washed out a little with an all black hood. When a pup is in the dark a touch of color can help make sure he doesn’t get his paw stepped on.

You can see the full range of leather puppy hoods here.

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