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Design Your Own Custom Leather Pup Hood

Create Your Custom Leather Pup Hood Today

In great news the team at Mr S Leather now have the facility to create your own custom leather pup  hood all from one page!

Creating your own custom dog hood is easy with the simple “Design your own” interface at the website… Using it is dead easy, check out the video below!

As you can see designing your own puppy hood is now dead easy and all you are limited by is your imagination.

For me I am definitely a german shepherd so my hood reflects that with deep tan snout and black head. That said I have already placed a new order for a hood with lighter colours on the head to similar to my very first german shepherd.

So the question really is what sort of pup are you?


As you can see from the leather swatches above there are plenty of choices from the traditional right though to brighter, striking colours.

So pup! Go check out the options and start the creation of your pup persona with your own custom leather hood.

Click Here To Check Out The Custom Pup Hoods At Mr S

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