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Neoprene Pup Hood Reviewed

new Mr S Leather Neoprene Pup Hood reviewed by Gpup Alpha of The Happy Pup. This is a puppy hood that is prefect for quick on and off as well as water sports and all other sorts of human dog play

Check Out The Neoprene Pup Hood Here @ Mr S Leather

I have to say I really am a fan of the new neoprene puppy hood. This baby fits like a dream due to the stretchy nature of the neoprene.

If you enjoy the feeling of slight compression against the face this is defiantly the dog hood for you. The compression is not overly tight but it’s not a loose feeling, this hood is not going to be swimming on your head.

On the subject of swimming these are neoprene can can be enjoyed in all water activities!

neoprene pup hood

Due to the stretchy nature the hood comes off and on super fast. I love this as it means I am able to do some quick stealth photographs when out and about in town. 🙂

Being neoprene it holds it’s shape well and has the added bonus of being able to get wet! Cue piggy puppy play!

New features included in this pup hood that I particularly love is the breathing holes in the snout. No longer am I breathing the same air again and again. Not that is likely as the snout and mouth opening are very open so I can eat, breath and pant easily.

You can even poke your tongue out cheeky pup!

Neoprene Pup Hood By Mr S Leather

Overall I love this mask as an addition to my human pup play gear. It’s not a formal look for for the pup mosh and out and about it’s a great choice.

Roll it up, throw it in your pocket and it’s going to be your out and about pup mask.

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha

You can check out the new neoprene hood here @ Mr S Leather.

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