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Wolf Pup On His RubberDawg Hood

Wolf In His RubberDawg HoodHey pups! Just wanted to share a video made by my awesome bro Wolf Pup with him sharing his thoughts on his RubberDawg Hood.

As Wolf mentions in the vid the creation of a RubberDawg hood does take some time but the payoff is that you will be the proud owner of a pup play mask that is going to be individual and made perfectly for you.

The price to own your own rubber dog hood is around $350. While a little more expensive than the Mr S pup hood, this is a mask that is going to be with you for a very long time!

With each mask being highly individual you will soon find that people are starting to recognise you just by your mask. Both Wolf and I were just talking about how we were now known on facebook just by our masks…

Anyway if you are keen on rubber I can highly recommend considering having a RubberDawg mask as part of your collection.

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