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Kaiser’s Leather Dog Mask

kaiser in his leather dog maskI fucking love my bro Kaiser Q Pup and I have to say he’s looking awesome in his leather dog mask.

The picture taken above was done out or latest Sirius Pup Camp held in Sydney. It’s a great chance for all us Aussie pups to get together and learn, pup out and have fun.

As part of the camp I took a couple of videos including this one with Kaiser talking about his leather dog mask that is from Mr S Leather.

This mask was a gift from me to Kaiser and I have to say he looks fucking hot it in…

One element that Kaiser really likes about the Leather Dog Mask is that with the lacing at the back it’s able to be pulled nice and tight giving an awesome second skin experience.

Kaiser also loves leather it was a match made in heaven…

As for me, well the snout is detatchable so it’s a match in heaven for me as well as it allows Kaiser to “look after his Alpha” if you get what I mean 😉 . You can see what I’m talking about here in my video about the Mr S leather dog mask.


Hugs and tugs.

Gpup Alpha

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