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New Growler Open Chin Pup Hood

growler open chin pup hoodClick Here To Check Out The Growler Open Chin Hood @ Mr S Leather

Hey Pups! I’m pretty excited here to be checking out the new Growler hood from the guys at Mr S. I love the new hood because it’s perfect for me as I have a beard and the fully enclosed hoods can get rather squishy and to be honest I am not a fan of my beard poking out of the edges of my mouth as well as the bottom of the hood.

So for me the idea of a chinless hood is rocking. I can still have my human pup look but get to have my chin free as well as my mouth so I can eat, drink and well you know the other stuff, lol.

The other great idea is that there is now options to help personalise your hood, you get to pick the colour of the main hood, the snout, the inside of the ears and also the brow, check out these examples below.

Custom-Leather-Growler-Hood-Shepherd Leather-Growler-Hood-Husky

Click and create your custom growler hood now

The first pic is totally me, German Shepherd to a t. I’m pretty sure my brother Wolf Pup would love the husky look of the second.

As you can see it’s pretty easy to be able to create a unique look that is going to express your pup self when you are pupping out at a mosh or just at home chilling in your kennel.

I’ve ordered mine to pretty much match the same as the pic on the left 🙂 . Really looking forward to it’s arrival.

Pup if you’ve already got one please send a pic as I’d love to add it to the page.

If you’d like to create your own custom growler leather pup hood just click on the link above and you can start the creative process to express your full pup self.

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