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Guide To Choosing 24/7 Collars

For many pups, subs and slaves, wearing a collar is a symbol of submission, ownership or protection.

Bull in his slave collar

While some may wear a collar for shorter periods of time such as weekend or a scene, the decision to wear a collar 24/7 is one that does need to choose your collar carefully, especially if you have sensitivities or skin allergies.

Chain collars are very popular however I urge you to not just head to the hardware store and choose chain available by the length. This chain is not designed to be worn and can have coatings that can irritate the skin. They are usually rough with joins and sharp edges that can cut the skin. The link sizes are also wider and can pinch the skin between links. I highly recommend considering a chain collar with chain that was designed to be worn against skin.

Many people can suffer with skin allergies or sensitivities. One metal unlikely to cause issues is stainless steel. If you have zinc or nickel allergies be sure to check the supplier in case the steel may contain a mix of these metals.

When Buying A Chain Slave Or Pup Collar:

First check the the links have been polished smooth. Sharp edges need to have been removed to ensure there is no irritation of the skin.

It’s also important to look for smaller, tighter links to avoid the skin getting pinched between links.

Examples of hypoallergenic, smart looking chain collars I have personally used include the big dog, raw dog and tuff dog collars from Mr S.

Chainmail Collars

Not all of us are in a position in life where we can wear a chain collar without raising flags with work or family. What has worked well for me is my chainmail collar. They are stylish, again made of stainless steel and they are super comfortable.

The can be closed with a small padlock or as I have done close it with a ball enclosure piercing ring.

I love the look and the fact that the ring was worn in Master’s cock can make it all that more special.

metal slave collars

Pictured: Chainmail Collar & Talon Collar from Mr S Leather. Pic: @BullDelamotte

Solid Metal Collars

One option that I find very stylish is the idea of a solid metal band. As you can see in the above picture, Gryph is wearing the Talon collar, this looks amazing, is very comfortable and is also lockable. It sits nicely on the neck and under a formal shirt.

Finally if you are still struggling with metal allergies, check out the collars made by the team at WyredSlave.com.

wyred slave lockable collar

These twisted metal collars are coated with a vinyl coating so the metal is never in contact with your skin. They come in a variety of different styles, lockable or not. 

Hope this helps you find the perfect collar for you that allows you to enjoy the feeling of connection with your Master, Owner or Sir.

Gpup Alpha

You Can Check Out A Range Of Slave Collars Here @ Mr S Leather


Your Pup Hood As You Expression Of Self

Today  I wanted to share this great video by the wonderful Dire Pup, well Wolf as explained in the video. Dire talks about the importance of your pup hood as an expression of your inner, and outer pup.

Importantly Dire urges Sir’s, Masters, Handlers, well anyone really, to allow the pup to have their voice. A pups choice of their puppy mask is highly individual, it’s a direct expression of the structure of their pup persona. To reject the look of a human pup mask that was chosen can easily be taken as a rejection of the pup…

Let’s not do that… Let’s celebrate our expression of self.

As you can see Dire has a wonderful collection of hoods and I am so thrilled to see Dire loving their custom neoprene hood complete with a leather version for completeness. You look amazing pup!

For those interested, you can check out the custom hoods here @ Mr S:

Custom Neoprene Puppy Hood
Custom Leather Puppy Hood

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha


What Is Pup Play

Human pup play is simply a person losing their inhibitions and behaving like a dog to an extent. There can be a deep intense role play, with a human pup exploring the world on all fours and forming a deep bond with an Owner, or it can be light hearted fetish play alone or with others. Essentially a person is acting like a canine; a person takes on the role of a dog. Sirius Pup Australia

Animal role play, puppy play, human dog training or even plain old human beings pretending to be dogs has been around for many years.  It holds origins in ancient times in religious ceremony, festivals and even modern fetish play.

As shows in the the documentary Pup Play: Men who live as dogs, human pups are a diverse group of people from many walks of life.

From my own quote from the documentary:

“We all have animalistic passions. As humans we are sexual animals, and my animal just happens to be a bit more German Shepherd.”

What I can say is that we all come to puppy play to seek enjoyment, learning and relaxation.

If you would like to learn more about human pup play I highly recommend checking out the resources at Sirius Pup Australia. http://www.SiriusPup.net


Has Human Pup Play Opened Your Kink World?

sleep sack bondage

Hey Pups! So I’ve just finished an amazing week of pup training, Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras festivals and getting to “hang out” with some amazing friends from across the seas… I’m sitting in the lounge at the airport and just relaxing and thinking about all that human pup play has gifted me.

On gift I love about human puppy play is that it has opened my world of kink.

Take above… I never imagined I would be discovering sleep sack bondage, I never imagined I would be hung from a wall in the middle of a 1800’s convict camp in the middle of Sydney harbour, vulnerable, open, exposed…

Human dog training is what has opened that door. A door of fun, friendship and most important to me a door of learning. My Mentor, Master, Sir and now partner has been there for me, teaching, guiding, caring… I am externally grateful.

I have learned about me. My strengths, my vulnerabilities, I have learned mental strength, I have discovered friends and family across the world.

This price of this learning was to be open in mind, open in my heart and understanding that some journeys don’t always take a straight line. Some journeys take courage. That first tentative step can be unnerving. Most important journeys are.

My journey has opened my mind to kink, to exploration, to feeling safe to share and be honest about my own desires, passions and fantasies…

So pup, may I ask? What has puppy play opened for you?

Gpup Alpha


60 Second Interview: Pup Gadget & Seca Pup

Today I wanted to share a brief 60 second interview with international pups Pup Gadget (USA) and Seca Pup (New Zealand) currently visiting Australia.

Question 1: How did you discover human pup play?

Gadget: I discovered the idea pup play 10 years ago but found my inner puppy around 8 years ago when I actually felt what it is to be a pup and now just pretending to be a dog.

Seca: I discovered pup play 8 years ago, about mid 2009. I was introduced to it from friends in the European community.

Question 2: What is the biggest thing human puppy play has given you?

Gadget: Amazing friends internationally as well as the ability to better cope with life stresses by allowing me to free my mind of the past and future and to then live in the now.

Seca: Pup play has given me the freedom to express myself, allowing me to be who I wish to allow people to see in my own manner.

Question 3: Where do you see human pup play in the next 5 years?

Gadget: I see pup play going more mainstream and less of a fad but to go beyond primarily gay males to include all gender and all sexual expressions.

Seca: I see the community getting smaller in some ways but closer. I also feel that there will be new generations that will use it for the gear side.

Thanks pups and hugs thanks for visiting “Down Under” I hope you’ve enjoyed Australia as much as we have enjoying showing you this amazing country!


Wrestler Suit For Your Next Puppy Play Mosh

pup play wrestler suit

Hey pups! Not sure about you but I am a huge fan of the feel of spandex nice and tight against my skin… Don’t get me wrong I love my leather and rubber gear however in summer or the heat of a puppy mosh I love the cool feeling of a nice spandex wrestler suit for pupping out.

Now most anyone can get a regular wrestling suit to show your colours and what you enjoy. Heck if you have a favourite state wrestling team then your choice is pretty much made lol.

Wrestler Singlets Amazon

Check Out Wrestler Singlets @ Amazon

One thing that is not so easy to get is a wrestler suit that has no ass!

human pup play wrestler suitThese wrestler suits from Mr S Leather are great as they have a great open ass so you can wear your tail and show your true pup self.

In the rough and tumble of a pup mosh I would probably recommend wearing a tail harness if you are going insertable.  You don’t want to be spitting them across the room (check them out here).

What I enjoy about my wrestler suits is that they are super comfortable. I am able to freely move and there is little risk of my suit getting caught on anything. I also have piercings so with the lycra covering my pierced nipples there is a very low chance of them getting caught as well.

The suits are super airy so as the puppy mosh heats up I don’t! 🙂

If you are feeling more modest Mr S also has a range of wrestler singlets that don’t have the ass removed. So be sure you check out all the range.

Check out the wrestler singlet range here @ Mr S Leather

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha



Rubber Pup Get’s Milked | Pup Play Porn

Ok so I might be late to the party but I’ve just discovered the pup play section in a few adult vid sites 😉 It seems that pup play porn is thriving!

Take for example this handsome rubber dog who’s getting milked by his Misterss… Lucky pup 🙂


Kit Dale MMA Fighter Doing Human Pup Play?

Kit Date Does Human Pup Play

So this morning I was chuffed to see a fun post from Kit Dale sharing a pic of him in a human pup mask and leather gear.

For those not aware Kit is an Aussie and two time world champion MMA fighter. He's absolutely a guy you don't want to mess with in a dark alley! Check out one of his fight videos here:

He's also a keen YouTuber and clearly has a great sense of humour...

While my first impression was, Kit, dude, seriously, you need a way sexier pup hood, my second was how cool his fan are with their responses to the pic...

Main themes I saw in the thread on Kit's Facebook page were:

  • Dude, you're not doing gay porn are you?? (Kit are you? Happy to introduce to you an agent if you need, lol!)
  • A hand full of very happy pups welcoming him to the scene, and...
  • Many people keen to learn if his movie is a horror, intro to BDSM or their ultimate bedroom fantasy.

Kit, love your work mate. You've got a kick ass humour and I absolutely welcome you to any pup mosh if you want to learn more about human pup play.

Rock on fella. Cool post and thanks for bringing puppy play just that little bit more out into the open. Any news on when we can see the film released?

Gpup Alpha, Sirius Pup Australia

BTW If you want to learn to fight in Kit's style, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu be sure to check out his website here: http://www.kitdalebjj.com/


In a cool post script to the post, one of my friends shared the post with Kit, thanking him for being an inadvertent ally of human pup play...

This is his response!

I'm super stoked and it's cool to see that he really is a dude!

I've said it once but the offer is out there mate, anytime you want to learn more about human pup play, Sirius Pups are here to help you get into character!


kit dale responds to post

Oxballs Cocklock Video Review

oxballs cocklock

Today I wanted to share a video review I have done of the Oxballs Cocklock chastity device.

If you enjoy chastity play or you want to restrict your pup's ability to have an erection this is an excellent tool to keep his mind on the game.

Check Out The Cock Lock Here @ MR S Leather

Also Available @ Eagle For Aussie Pups! 

Made from surgical grade silicone this toy is safe for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

As it's nice and soft it can be worn for longer periods of time. There is a drainage hole at the front for piss and precum but good luck if you think your pup is going to be able to shoot a load.

To add to the torture I like to ensure the inside is nicely lubricated with a water based lube. That way when he sweats it gets slicker and slicker inside. This sends "fuck that feels nice" sensations to the cock but the restriction says, "Nope! No erections for you..."

The ultimate stimulus and block at the same time. Perfect!

Now unless paired with a lockable cock cage the cocklock is unable to be locked in place on it's own. You are going to either have to supervise your pup, or perhaps more fun, put his paws into lockable mitts so he won't be able to fiddle.

Hmm I like this idea!

Anyway pups, I hope you like this review. I'd love to hear your own suggestions on how you like to use this great toy.

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha


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