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Confessions Of A Leather Pup Gear Lover

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Gpup Alpha Talks About His Leather Pup Gear Passion


My Favourite Leather Puppy Gear

Full Confessions Of A Leather Pup Transcript

Hi, pups. It’s Gpup here, and today, I want to have a little bit of a chat about my particular fascination as a bit of a leather pup. Now, I recently this year went to CLAW, the Cleveland Leather Appreciation Week, and it was freaking amazing. It was so nice to hang out with other people who also had a love and a passion for leather as well. It kind of made me think that … I think that there are a lot of people who are a bit daunted and don’t know how to get started as a leather pup, and I thought well, you know, here are … I just want to show you that you don’t have to have lots and lots of gear to be a leather pup but there are lots of options that are available.

One of the things that I really love is the leather pup hood. Now I’ve got a few of these. This is the Mr. S Leather Pup Hood. They’re really well made and they now come in all sorts of designs, and you can even have your own custom leather hood, which is pretty, pretty cool.

This here is my very first leather pup hood. This was actually … You can see the fur on the snout here and there’s also fur on the ears. When I first bought this from Mr. S, this stuff was sort of like a light brown tan coloured suede leather. I actually had one of my friends get some fur. I think it’s rabbit, actually. He saw that on top of the hood and it’s right, I really, really love it. It’s nice. You can actually adapt these hoods to however you like.

Hoods are really … Well, for me, they help define the leather pup because you got that leather all over your head. It feels nice. It smells nice. It’s a sensation kind of thing that goes with the whole second skin. However, if the hood’s not the first thing in your mind, you can go to really, really simple things like a pair of leather gloves. These are the classics, and they’re cheap to get. You can acquire a pair of gloves almost anywhere or a leather collar and leash. This is the short leash that I picked up at Mr. S. This collar here was actually my very first collar as a human pup. I was collared by my trainer, and this was the leather collar that I got to wear. That one’s a really, really important piece of gear to me and I love it dearly.

You can sort of accessorized this stuff up, so you’ve got leather gloves but don’t forget to protect your … You can get these leather mitts as well. If you really want to pop out, you can get the pup leather mitts. I’ll just show you a picture of that here.

Other things that can be kind of cool is I like this, this is face mask. It kind of … This is more for like that nasty vet kind of pet play where you have … It almost looks like a surgical mask, except it’s black leather of course, which kind of adds to that kink. I really, really like that. Look, when it comes to actually kink gear, you can have such a huge variety. There’s lots and lots of different stuff there, so really, it’s about adapting the gear to you kink. Of course, I love clothes. I love the feel of leather against my skin. A great place to start is shorts and because they’re super, super adaptable. They’re great to pup play in. These ones here, again, I picked them at Mr. S. They’ve got zipper pockets and this particular one has a little clips at the front. You can actually attach a leather harness to those, which is kind of cool. They come in black. They come in blue. You combine the shorts with a harness and you’ve got a potentially really hot look, whether that be for a dance party or a mosh, but it’s a good look, right? It’s not hugely expensive to get started with.

If you want to have a pair of leather shorts that you could also turn into a pair of pants, one option is to get these leather undershorts. They’re kind of cool. It’s got the codpiece at the front where your bits can go through there. Now what’s good about these is these are worn super, super tight against the skin. They’re sexy as a pair of shorts and you can wear them underneath a pair of leather chaps, which means that now, you’ve got a pair of shorts. You also are able to turn your leather chaps into a pair of leather pants, which is very, very adaptable. I think that, that’s a really great combo that if you don’t want to have separate leather pants, separate shorts, then this is a really great option. You get the undershorts and the pair of chaps, and you’ve got a really kick-ass combination. You could even wear like a jockstrap underneath your leather chaps. That’s like three different looks, very, very adaptable. Like, if price is going to be an issue, that might be a way to go.

Other looks that can be really super sexy and super fun is, of course, the kilt. Cannot go wrong. The leather kilt’s a great … I like the really heavy, heavy leather kilts. They sit nicely and they hang nicely. It’s got that heaviness about it that feels really, really good. This one is made from a softer leather, and it’s really, really nice but not quite as heavy as the bigger ones.

Another pair of shorts that I love, these are the carpenter shorts. Again, it’s that really nice garment leather. It’s lovely and soft and it’s got this double zipper at the front. Again, similar to the other pair of shorts, you can get the junk out without having to undo the complete set of pants. These are great in summer. They look good in formal. They look great in a mosh but also, you can just wear the shorts and a pair of boots. That’s pretty cool as well.

Now if you want to go absolutely mental, if you want to buy the tuxedo of leather gear, then it’s Langlitz. Langlitz, really, they’re well known. They’re the bluff uniform I suppose. This is a Langlitz jacket. It got the shoulder padding and as well as the elbow padding and the pants where you can get the knee padding as well.

Look, make sure, before you buy Langlitz gear that your body shape is not going to change rapidly soon. If you’re gaining weight or if you’re losing weight, wait until your body shape and size is established because these … It’s a significant investment. It’s a very well-made leather garment. It’s something that’s going to be with you for a long period of time in your life, so you want to make sure that it’s going to fit for as long as possible. Langlitz are great. When I went to their store in Portland, the pants didn’t fit quite so well, so they’re actually able to do the alterations then and there. They fit amazing now.

That’s the law of garments. I love … You can’t go wrong with a nice leather shirt. It looks beautiful in formal wear. I tend to go for color, so this is more of a blue with black. You can get the play shirts and long sleeve and short sleeve as well, and it looks really good, say, for example, check that underneath the jacket. You’ve got a really smart leather formal look, which I like.

For out and about and for moshing, leather vests are great. This one here is perforated, which is fantastic in the mosh, really fucking great in the mosh because it lets the heat out. If you tend to overheat, then you want to go for things that are a little bit more open. You can also have bar vests, which are … They’re not expensive. They are a great piece of gear that you really can’t go wrong with. What I do like about a good bar vest is pins. They’re kind of fun and you can swap pins with people. I really like … This was a pin that was given to me at CLAW, and I also got some lovely Woof Camp pins as well from the fantastic Brue Kirk Pierce. Yeah, it’s a really good opportunity to be able to just talk. It’s a talking point and you can have some really happy memories on your leather gear as well.

Pups, I know, I’ve spoken a lot and I apologize. I do tend to get a little bit obsessive about my leather gear, but I just wanted to talk about it and say, look, there are lots of options that are available for people who want to get started in leather. You don’t have to be buying a big pile of Langlitz gear. You can just start with something really, really simple like a pair of gloves, a leather hood or even your first collar, a beautiful human pup collar that’s going to be the start of your journey. There you go, pups.

That was just a little bit of a tour of my, a bit of my life and a bit of my wardrobe as a leather pup, and I just wanted to share that with you and maybe inspire some other pups out there who also have an interest in leather that you, too, can get started. I’ll put some videos also below this one about leather care. My good friend who is a Bootblack, Dire,has made a video with me about how to care for leather and particularly your leather hoods. I hope this is really helpful. You guys have a rocking day and please, post me a picture of you and your leather gear. I freaking love them. You have a great day, pups. See you. Bye.

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