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Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Puppy Collar

One of the most important tools for a pup is his collar. Puppy collars represent the transition from being a stray pup to a human pup who is owned, loved and cared for.

When I first started research into pup play the first lessons were about the three most important items of pup play gear. Your collar, your puppy tail and your puppy hood.

From a psychological perspective the collar represent the bond between master and pup.

In some pup packs the collaring of a puppy is a special ceremony, a welcoming of a new pup into the pack.

Your first puppy collar represents you being brought in from the cold, no longer a stray. You’re a pup, an owned pup. You are loved and cared for, not a stray any more.

Every pup must have a collar, and every collar is different to suit the personality of the pup.

For an great selection of puppy collars I recommend you check out Mr S. Leather, neoprene, rubber, steel. There is a collar for every pup, and every pup must have a collar.

Check out Mr S’s awesome range of puppy collars here.

steel puppy collar


Have you seen this beautiful locking stainless steel talon collar?

This collar is beautiful, comfortable and best of all it can be worn 24/7 allowing you to feel owned all day every day.

Made of solid steel this collar will be with you for many years and as they say, “a puppy is for life, not just for christmas” 🙂

You can read my full review here:
The World’s Best Steel Puppy Collar

Steel slave CollarFor the true puppy collar collector I’ve reviewed this great new collar from Mr S: a 15mm steel slave collar. It’s very comfortable but a little bit chunky for day to day wear. That said when you are in pup mode, this collar will have you sitting, staying and begging! Check out my review here:
Beautiful Steel Slave Collar 

chainmail collar

Beautiful Chainmail Collar For Your Pup

Just added to my puppy collar collection is this beautiful hand crafted stainless steel chainmail collar made in the heart of pup play central, San Francisco.

If you are looking for a collar that is comfortable, beautiful and able to be worn 24/7 this is the collar for you.
Check out my review here:
Beautiful Chainmail Collar For Your Pup.

New Collars Added


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  • Beautiful Steel Slave Collar

    Pictured above is the beautiful 15mm steel slave collar from the guys at Mr S Leather. For the pup that has everything this is the ultimate gift. Today I wanted to share a review of this stunning steel slave collar that has just arrived from the guys at Mr S Leather. When I saw this [...]

  • Beautiful Chainmail Collar

    chainmail collar I’m so excited. Today in the mail my latest puppy collarfrom Mr S has arrived, their beautiful hand crafted chainmail collar. This beautiful piece is perfect for me as I have a rather thick neck. While I love my steel puppy collar it’s shape can sit just a little funny at times. Don’t get me [...]

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