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Beautiful Steel Slave Collar

Mr S Steel Puppy Collar

Mr S 15mm Steel Slave Collar

Pictured above is the beautiful 15mm steel slave collar from the guys at Mr S Leather. For the pup that has everything this is the ultimate gift.

Today I wanted to share a review of this stunning steel slave collar that has just arrived from the guys at Mr S Leather.

When I saw this collar @ Mr S I was initially unsure about how comfortable it would be. I was looking for a human pup collar that I would be able to wear 24/7. I like the idea of having a collar and I wanted something that was not only beautiful but also something that clearly showed I was a pup.

Upon it’s arrival I was actually surprised at how beautiful it looked in real life, but also how comfortable it was to wear. I was in love.

This steel slave collar is made from solid stainless steel and is also a fully locking collar. If you are a master this collar will have your pup sitting and begging to be under your control.

While it’s original purpose of this collar is for a slave, I really like how this collar has the strong feel of puppy play. The ring at the front is perfect for attaching a lead if your pup has a tendency to wander or get distracted.

To enable the collar to be worn there is a hinge at the back that swings open to allow the collar around pups neck. There is a similar hinge at the front with a locking screw that is locked using one of the three supplied three alan keys. This allows your pup to feel safe and secure with that collar going nowhere without masters say so.

This Is How The Steel Slave Collar Sits

steel slave collarThis collar looks great under a business shirt and it’s not too heavy for wearing 24/7. Great for a pup play session however if you are looking for a slightly lighter option I would suggest having a look at the talon steel puppy collar. It might result in a few less questions;)

In pup mode this collar is perfect and I’m sure all the pups would look forward to master locking them in! Woof!

You can check out this beautiful steel collar here @ Mr S

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