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A Beautiful Steel Puppy Collar

talon steel puppy collar for human pupsEvery puppy deserves a collar. The problem with leather collars and even some of the chunkier chain collars it that while the collar is great when playing, it can’t be worn in day to day life. This beautiful steel puppy collar is certainly a statement and a wonderful investment for all human pups.

As they say, a puppy is for life, not just for play time. This is why I am 100% in love with this amazing steel puppy collar that you can get from Mr S in San Francisco.

Officially called the Locking Stainless Steel Talon Collar, this collar is a work of art.

Each collar is hand made to specification from a european jeweller. Made of solid stainless steel, a section at the back of the collar is able to be removed with moderate pressure. Each end of the removable piece have a small stalk that fits into a milled cup on both sides. Inside the stalk is a locking pin that is open and closed with a supplied alan key.

Even without the collar locked the tension in the collar is strong enough to keep the whole ring together. Using the lock adds to the excitement of knowing you are collared 24/7 owned by your master.

Click here to check out the talon steel puppy collar at Mr S

steel puppy collarThe collar comes as a single hoop however you can see in the picture the optional front collar ring for a more puppy feel and a great attachment point for a lead.

Unlike other puppy collars, the locking stainless steel talon collar can be worn all day every day. It’s smooth, beautiful and perfectly shaped to fit the neck with a anatomical bend to accomodate over the collar bones. A perfect collar for a human pup

Click here for the front collar ring @ Mr S

This is a beautiful puppy collar suitable from board room to bed room. If you are looking for a gift “for the pup that has everything” I highly recommend this wonderful piece of art.

I’m very keen to have the talon steel collar as part of my puppy collar collection.


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