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Big Dawg Collar For Your Human Pup

big dawg collar Hey Pups! If you are looking for a human dog collar that screams “this pup is owned and don’t fuck with me!” you are going to love the Big Dawg Collar.

This amazing piece is made from heavy gauge stainless steel links have been hand polished so they are as smooth as your pups skin with no chance of irritation.

Compared to the Raw Dawg Puppy Collar the Big Dawg Collar weighs 12.8 ounces which is almost double the weight.

When your pup is wearing this beautiful piece they are going to know they are owned 24/7!

The Big Dawg Collar comes with a highly polished Master lock and a gift bag to help make this a gift your pup will remember for his life.

You can check out the Big Dawg Collar here @ Mr S

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