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Square Peg Puppy Tails

square peg puppy tail

Square Peg Puppy Tails

Every pup need to have a human pup tail. The insertion of a “tail”, with popular brands being the SquarePeg Puppy Tail. Anally or vaginally inserted tail can be used to help a human dog feel more canine, express themselves as a bio pup would with wagging, and also be strongly attached with a sense of human pup zen often referred to as “pup space”.

For the ultimate “bio-pup” experience you can’t go past  Square Peg plug tails.

Made from the best quality silicone this is a puppy toy you’ll be enjoying for years. Unlike cheaper forms of silicone containing chemicals that can burn a pup’s sensitive arse, Square Peg use the highest grade medical silicone ensuring comfort and safety that will keep pup’s tail wagging for hours in comfort and contentment.

My first was a small Square Peg puppy tail. Within two weeks I had upgraded to a medium. The sizes go up all the way to an xtra large which is 8″ around and a 6 1/2″ insert that goes deep into your puppies cunt to keep him panting.

I love the wag of my tail. The feeling of it slapping against my legs reminds me of my true pup life and my master loves it when I can make it do circles. In an amazing design the Square Peg puppy tails are made that you can actually wag your tail just be clenching your ass. It’s truly amazing and a big sales point for this happy pup.

Other people clearly have enjoyed them as well, check out these reviews from the Mr S page:

Unbelievable. This tail is amazing. Feels great, stays in very well, cleans with any type of soap, uses any type of lube, and best of all, the material makes it extremely easy to wag. All you have to do is clench your asshole and it moves. Get a bit of a rhythm going and you’ve got yourself a nice wag for your master.

This tail feels great, stays in well, is extremely easy to wag. I just can’t get over how comfortable it is, feel like i am missing something when its not in.


Mmmm, I love this tail. I got the Large plug, and am now ready to get the XL plug. It feels so good inside, and I feel empty without it, and it really helps add to the pup headspace. WOOF!

For the full range of tails be sure to check out the Square Peg puppy tail page at Mr S Leather. I’ve bought all my toys there. The rapid, discrete service is second to none.

Click here to check out the Square Peg Puppy Tails @ Mr S Leather.

If you prefer the look of a pup with docked tail the guys at Square Peg have you covered. Not quite as “waggy” but then again, not all pups are waggers are they…

Click here to check out the Square Peg Docked Tails @ Mr S Leather.

Finally I think we all know that deep inside every pup can be a grubby little pig. To help identify when pup is feeling piggy, why not have the tail to show he’s up for some grubby play ;) .

Made with the same top quality silicone this piggy tail will certainly have pup “oinking” when it gets pulled!

Click here to check out the range of SquarePeg pig tails @ Mr S Leather.

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