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What Is The Best Lube For Square Peg Tails?

Hey there Pups! In this video I just wanted to share the best lubes for SquarePeg tails.  As they are made with very high quality silicone it’s important to only use lubes that are compatible.

What Lubes Can You Use With Square Peg Tails?

As noted in the video, Square Peg tails are 100% compatible with both water based lube as well as oil based lubes such as elbow grease or vaseline.

The main difference is that water based lubes will tend to “lock in” which is what happens when the water from the lube is absorbed by the lining of the ass. This can be good if you are going to wear the tail for some time and don’t want it falling out.

Oil based lubes will not dry out so tend to stay slick for much longer. Oil based lubes can damage latex condoms so it’s very important not to use oil based lubes if you are planning to fuck using a latex condom. One option would be to use a polyethylene a condom instead.

Silicone lubes are not recommended for use on Square Peg tails & toys as the silicone can sometimes lead to pitting on the surface of the plug which will make cleaning much harder.

No matter what lube you choose, enjoy your tail and keep on wagging!

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