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Oxballs Tailbone Plugless Show Tail

Oxballs Tailbone Plugless TailClick Here To Check Out The Oxballs Tailbone Plugless Tail

Hey there Pups! Just wanted to share one of the new tails that are perfect for wearing out and about when you don’t necessarily feel like having a tail that needs to be plugged into your ass.

For me I love the feeling of a plugged tail however my body usually starts to push the tail out after 20 minutes. In a play situation this is ok, just chuck it in the sink and continue playing.

If I am at a mosh or at an outdoor occasion however having a tail pop out is never a good thing. For this reason I’m very excited about the new range of non insertable tails.

The Oxballs Tailbone is great with a nice solid base that connects with a harness to wear. The tail is of a medium length and has a great wag to it.

I am really happy with my tail as it’s going to be great for wearing to the local moshes. I can even sit it just above the base of my shorts so I can show my tail off when moshing.

Anyhow if you are interested in checking out the Oxballs tail or perhaps the Squarepeg non insertable just click on over to the Mr S page below. BTW if you don’t have a harness you will need to have one to be able to wear this tail.

Check out the Oxballs Pup Tail here @ Mr S

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha

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