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New Non Plug Pup Tail: Square Peg Show Tail

square peg show tail

Hey Pups! Super excited with the release of the new non plug human pup tail, the Square Peg Show Tail.

Square Peg Show Tail Review

One of the biggest concerns I have had about wearing a plug style tail has been the fear of my tail either getting pulled out or accidentally falling out. Needless to say both scenarios are not ideal.

The new Show Tail has eliminated the plug, replacing it with a flat base that can now be held in place with the leather harness pictured above.

With 2 belt loops your tail can be used in 2 different ways. Horizontally on your belt, or vertically as part of a harness.

This new tail offers a great new way to express your pup self in a public or private in a way that is without worry or discomfort that can happen from extended anal insertion.

I highly recommend checking this great new puppy tail out.

You can check it out here @ Mr S Leather

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