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SquarePeg Wag Puppy Tail

sqHey there Pups! Today I wanted to share the superfun SquarePeg Wag Puppy Tail.

If you are looking for an insertable pup tail for your pup play experience this is a great choice.

The SquarePeg Wag tail is the longest of all the puppy tails from the range. This give a nice whippy wag to the tail which feels nice slapping against the thighs.

The tail can be worn pointing upwards to indicate you are feeling happy and ready to play, or pointing down to indicate you may be a little apprehensive, or not quite in the mood for a full on puppy mosh experience.

All of the SquarePeg pup tails have an anvil like shape at the base of the insertable plug. This provides a pivot point that enables the tail to be wagged by clenching and unclenching the ass. It does take a bit of practice but hey once you see your new tail you are going to be wanting to wear it often, so there are many chances to get your practice in.

The SquarePeg Wag puppy tail is made of medical grade silicone. It’s high quality and easy to clean and sterilise. All the SquarePeg products are compatible with water and oil based lubes. Silicone lubes are not recommended as they can lead to pitting to the surface of the toy.

If you are looking for a fun whippy human pup tail this is a great choice.

You can check out the SquarePeg Wag Puppy Tail here at Mr S Leather.

Hugs and tugs.

Gpup Alpha

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