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How To Care For Your SquarePeg Tail

Hey there Pups. In the following video Pup Boss teaches the best way to care for your SquarePeg pup tail.

Because they are made with surgical grade silicone the care is very easy and straight forward.

How To Clean Your SquarePeg Tail

Key points to remember are:

  • First wash any shit or lube that may be left on the tail after play under a stream of warm water.
  • Wash the tail in nice hot water with plenty of antibacterial soap.
  • Gently dry your square peg tail a soft towel and then pack away for next time. I like to pack my tail in a zip lock bag to stop dust or fur landing on the tail. This also prevents melting or welding that can occur when silicone products touch each other.

The care of each of the SquarePeg tails is very straight forward.

By using these tips each time you have enjoyed your tail this will help ensure your tail lasts a long long time.

Hugs and tugs

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