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SquarePeg Pod Butt Plug

Hey there Pups. Today I wanted to share a great new toy I’ve discovered, the SquarePeg Pod silicone butt plug.

This is a great toy especially if you are finding it a little difficult to insert your SquarePeg tail. The great thing about the pod is that it opens up once inserted into the ass, this gives a gentle stretch and is an awesome “warm up” before inserting a bigger pup tail.

The good things I love about The Pod is that it’s lovely and smooth and soft yet firm enough to be able to insert without too much trouble.

I tried the small and it really does give a nice gentle stretch. Looking at the larger sizes I imagine they may offer a slightly more firm stretch.

Anyways I’ve found the pod to be a great introductory butt plug if you are looking for sizing up, in particularly the bigger pup tails.

You Can Check Out The Pod Butt Plug Here

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