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SquarePeg Pig Tail

squarepeg pig tailWhile not actually associated with pup play let’s face it we all have a piggy side at times thus my inclusion of the SquarePeg Pig Tail.

For me having the pig tail serves as two roles… Firstly it’s a great indicator for Sir and my fellow pups when I am feeling ready for some super grubby fun. Secondly it’s quite a subtle tail that looks awesome when worn with rubber at community events. If you identify as more of a pug or akita breed this tail is perfect for you.

The SquarePeg Pig Tail is made to the exact same standards as all the SquarePeg tails. Made with medical grade silicone there is no harsh chemicals found in some of the cheaper brands that can burn and hurt the ass.

The plug that is inserted into the ass is exactly the same across all of the SquarePeg range. If you are a medium in the Woofy Tail you will be a medium in the pig tail.

Despite being shorter and a little more bulky between the ass cheeks, slimmer pups will still be able to wag this tail to show their Master they are having a great time. Bigger pups may find it a little more difficult to wag as the bulk of the tail will sit nicely between the butt cheeks.

For a nice change I really like this tail. As I said if you identify more as a pug or akita this is the perfect tail for you.

You can check out the SquarePeg Pig Tail here at Mr S Leather.

Hugs and tugs and a little bit of ‘oink’ !

Gpup “change can be fun” Alpha

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