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Pup Boss’ Guide To SquarePeg Tails

Hey there Pups! In this video Pup Boss teaches the different styles of SquarePeg tails and how they can show your personality.

How To Express Your Personality
With Your SquarePeg Tails

As Sir has shown in this video there are a number of different SquarePeg tails. From the thin and whippy, through to the bigger woofy tail that is my personal preference.

As you can see in the second video it’s got a great wag. The weight of the tail is good to allow from a simple slow wag, right though to an excited, “fuck I’m glad Sir’s home” wag.

The plugs of all the SquarePeg tails are the same and come in sizes small right through to extra large.

I currently wear a medium but even then I’ve had a time when it slipped out. If you are going to be out and about for a longer period of time there is a great brace you can buy that will hold your tail nice an secure.

Mr S Puppy Tail Harness & Adaptor


You can click here to check out the harness and SquarePeg tails adaptor @ Mr S Leather

Be aware that you need to purchase both the harness and the adaptor to ensure your tail is able to be held.

Hugs and tugs!

Gpup Alpha

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