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How To Get Your SquarePeg Tail In

Hey there Pups. In this video I show some tips and tricks on how to get your SquarePeg tail in.

The plug on the tails have a pretty steep curve so they can be a little tricky to get in. I hope this video explains the best way to have your tail in nice and firm.

How To Get Your SquarePeg Tail In

As explained in the video, if you are not a pup who is used to much anal play, it’s best to have some gentle stretching before you start.

I like to use a nice tapered toy to slowly and gently open my ass. Once I am able to have that toy go in easily I find placing the tail in a very simple process.

I’ve also started using the SquarePeg Pod as a way to gently stretch my ass. It feels amazing and offers a nice stretch that has my pup hold nice and ready to slip my SquarePeg pup tail in.

You can check out the Pod’s here @ Mr S

I hope this video has helped to guide you on the best way to get your squarepeg tail in.

Hugs and tugs.

Gpup Alpha


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