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Quick Review Of Pup Tail Adaptor

pup tail adaptorHey there Pups. Just wanted to share a quick review of the pup tail adaptor that is available at Mr S Leather.

If you enjoy wearing your pup tail for longer periods of time, or out in public, the pup tail harness can help ensure your tail doesn’t fall out at the wrong moment.

Gpup’s Pup Tail Adaptor Review

As mentioned in the video, by using this adaptor with the Mr S Butt-Plug Harness you will be able to go out knowing there is no chance of your tail coming out.

Sadly there are a number of people out there who don’t know how to interact with pups and think it’s funny to pull a pups tail out. This device will at least ensure they can’t hurt you in the process.

You can check out the Puppy Tail Adaptor here @ Mr S

Don’t forget that you will also need the butt plug harness that this device connects to.

Hugs and tugs.

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