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Why I Only Recommend Square Peg Pup Tails

Hey Pups! Today I wanted to answer a question about why I only recommend Square Peg pup tails.

I know there are many cheaper tails available on the market however I hope that this video helps answer why cheaper is not necessarily better.

My tip is to not purchase a cheaper pup tail. If you are serious about getting a pup tail get one that has been made with quality, hospital grade silicone in a way that is strong, safe and will not break in your ass.

Nobody wants to be that pup that had to go to the hospital with half a pup tail up your ass!

So pups, save your cash. Don’t waste your money on a pup tail that at best may not last very long and at worst may lead to harm and an unexpected hospital visit. Save up and get a Square Peg tail that is going to last.

You can check out all the Square Peg toys here @ Mr S

I hope this video has helped. 🙂

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha


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