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My SquarePeg Woofy Tail

squarepeg woofy tail Hey there Pups. Today I wanted to share my thoughts about my SquarePeg Woofy Tail.

What can I say other than I am a massive fan… The main reason I chose this tail is that it’s wag is really nice. With just a minimal movement of my butt I can get the Woofy tail into a nice rhythm slapping against my thighs… Can I interest you in a demo?

Gpup With His SquarePeg Woofy Tail

As you can see the wag is lovely and smooth. The other bonus is that the bulb that keeps the tail in my butt also has a micro wag that is rubbing right up against my prostate…

As I am sure you can appreciate I really enjoy my prostate getting pounded by the blub.

If you are an allergy sufferer it’s good to know that all the SquarePeg Tails are made with surgical grade silicone which is robust, strong and very hypoallergenic.

The Woofy Tail is compatible with water based lubes as well as oil based lubes like elbow grease. The only lube not recommended is any of the silicone based lubes. They can cause pitting on the surface of the tail which makes it harder to clean.

If you are interested in the SquarePeg Woofy Tail you canĀ check it out here at Mr S Leather.

Hugs and tugs

Gpup Alpha

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