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SquarePeg Docked Puppy Tail

squarepeg docked puppy tailHey there Pups! Today I wanted to feature the fun SquarePeg Docked Puppy Tail.

If you identify as a pup who would normally have a docked tail this is the perfect pup play accessory for you.

Whether you be a Rottweiler or other docked breed you can represent your pack brothers with similar docked tail.

Because the tail is much shorter it has much less wag. It can be worn a little easier through gear that has a rear zipper and can look quite smart in a nice rubber suit.

All the SquarePeg Puppy Tails are made with hospital grade silicone so there is no burning or discomfort that you might get with some of the more cheaply made products.

The SquarePeg Docked Puppy Tail is compatible with both water and oil based lubes. It’s suggested not to use with silicone lubes as there can be reactions that lead to pitting and damage to the silicone.

All SquarePeg products can be easily cleaned and sterilized. After use cleanup is simple with some hot water, antibacterial soap and gentle washing with your fingers. It’s not recommended to use any scrubbing tools like dish brushes or scourers as they can damage the smooth surface of the tail.

You can check out the SquarePeg Docked Puppy Tail here at Mr S Leather.


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