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Leather Pup Tail Harness

Hey there Pups, today I wanted to share a quick video review of the the Mr S leather pup tail harness.

Most pups who have worn an internal tail will remember that there is always a risk that the tail may come out unexpectedly. While normally this is not a drama, sometimes it’s nice to have the security knowing that you puppy tail is not going to be shooting across the room. 🙂

Mr S Leather Pup Tail Harness

As you can see in the video this harness is helpful to ensure your tail is nice and snug no matter how active you may be getting.

Another advantage is that sadly we may encounter a smart ass at times who think’s it’s funny to pull on a human pups tail. This can be embarrassing and painful when unexpected. Good news is that your tail will be safe and sound with no risk of it getting pulled out.

One thing to note is that the butt plug harness used as the base comes in two different styles: locking and non locking. When you order your adaptor it’s important to ensure you get the right matching style as they are not able to be used between types.

When you get to the order page there is an option to choose the correct harness so this way you will be sure to get the right one.

You can check out the leather pup tail harness here @ Mr S


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