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SquarePeg Pup Tail Sizes Compared

squarepeg pup tailHey there Pups! One of the more tricky problems when buying a SquarePeg pup tail or any tail for that matter is deciding on size.

In this video I have made a comparison of the SquarePeg large and extra-large tails so you can see there is quite a step up between the two.

SquarePeg Pup Tail Size Comparison

As you can see in the video the insertable end of extra-large SquarePeg pup tail is almost the same width and length of my iPhone 5s. This is a tail for pups who enjoy and have practiced significant ass play and stretching.

One step down is the large tail and you can see the relative size compared to the XL in the video.

I hope this video helps make you choice of size a little easier.

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