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SquarePeg Woofy Tail & Wag Tail Compared

Hey there Pups! I’ve had a few people asking me the difference between the SquarePeg Woofy Tail & Wag Tail. To help explain I’ve made a quick video.

SquarePeg Woofy Tail & Wag Tail Compared

All the SquarePeg puppy tails have the same plug section so it’s really just the decision of what style of tail you wish to use to express feelings.

As you can see the woofy tail is a much thicker heavier build. It has a nice slow wag and feels amazing as it’s slapping against your thighs.

The wag tail is whippy so you are able to get a much faster wag but you still get the nice feeling of the tail hitting your thighs.

You can see the wagging action in this video with my Master Pup Boss


You can check out all the SquarePeg tails here at Mr S

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