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Leather Dawg Collar

leather dawg collarIf you are a keen leather pup I can highly recommend you check out the amazing Leather Dawg Collar.

Hand made by the awesome guys at Mr S this is a collar that is made to last. As many of the human dog collars are made of metal, it’s nice to have a leather option for silent stalking without the potential clang the heavy links of the Big Dawg Collar or the Raw Dawg Collar.

leather dawg locking post

The other bonus this collar has is that it has a cool locking post on the back. With enough room to pass a small padlock your Master will be able to lock your collar, keeping you as his pup for as long as he wishes.

The Leather Dawg Collar is also a good choice for pups who suffer with metal allergies. The leather is soft enough to ensure there is no irritation to the neck. Your pup will be able to wear this for a long time.

You can check out the Leather Dawg Collar here @ Mr S

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