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Mr S Racer Bar Vest

This is the leather racer vest made by the guys at Mr S Leather. This leather garmet is prefect flagging your interests with optional colors in blue, red and yellow. http://glink.me/racerbarvest

Check Out The Racer Vest Here @ Mr S 

Hey Pup! Just wanted to share this bar vest that I grabbed at Mr S… A leather vest always looks smart. You can wear them pretty much anywhere and they are great for pup play as well.

What I like about the vest is it’s color stripes down the L chest. Blue is always my choice both as a color as well as a flag. Other colors available include red and yellow… I know that Sir loves the yellow 🙂

Needless to say when I saw this was on sale I had to grab it.

A couple of things about fit… Mr S uses exact sizes. It’s not like Levi’s where you can buy a 32″ waist when you are really a 34″… They are using real inches, not Grinder ones…

Grab yourself a tape measure. You need to have the tape going around your chest, just above the nipples was right for me. Once you have the right measurement you can choose the right size for you.

Pictured is a large and it fits really nice.

Mr S Leather Bar Vest

So if you are looking for a smart piece of gear I highly recommend checking this one out. (and the other pup play clothing I’ve reviewed)

Check Out The Racer Vest Here @ Mr S 

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