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Oxballs Cocklock Chastity Device Reviewed

The Oxballs Cocklock is a super fun silicone male chastity device.

While made of soft, supple silicone it's strength is rather deceptive.  With a small amount of lube the cock can easily slip inside the cock lock portion of the ring where it snugly "hugs" the cock in a way that feels great but makes erections difficult.

The way it's tethered to the ball ring it is very difficult to escape or gain a usable erection without permission from your Sir or Mistress.

That said if your sub or cockhold slave can't be trusted this chastity device will need supervision as it's not lockable and naughty fingers might be able to allow escape.

Like all the Oxballs cock toys, this cock lock is made with surgical grade silicone. This greatly reduces the chance of skin reactions and can be safely used if you have a latex allergy.

Worn long term this cock lock is comfortable due to it's pliable soft sides. There is also a hole to allow the drainage of piss or the insertion of a urethral electrode if you are particularly nasty Dom!

As a male chastity device this is a really nice starter cock lock. It's not too scary, very comfortable to wear and easily removed if it needs to come off fast.

I'm a fan, and def love the yellow version for all the piss pups out there!


For the Aussies you can check out the Oxballs Cocklock here @ Eagle Leather.

Or if you are in the USA or beyond, check it out here @ Mr S Leather.

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha

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