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BDSM Pup Play In Leather Sleepsack

The Mr S Leather Deluxe Leather Sleepsack Reviewed

For the highly bondage and restraint adventurous I highly recommend the deluxe leather sleepsack made by the team at Mr S Leather. This quality piece of bondage equipment is made to high standards and includes multiple straps and reinforcements that allow the sack and it’s occupant to be suspended from a variety of different angles safely.

Mr S Deluxe Leather Sleepsack Review | The Happy Pup | Gpup Alpha from Gpup Alpha

Hey there Pups. Just in case Santa Paws happens to read this page, I have been a very good puppy and if you were to gift me my very own deluxe sleepsack I promise I will be “extra good” next year… I’m sure you know what I mean Santa! No need to put peanut butter anywhere Sir 🙂 .

As I am sure you know I had my very first sleepsack experience just recently and I have fallen 100% head over paws for the amazing experience.

If you are as excited at the idea of being gently restrained with the firm leather mummyskin holding you nice and tight, the Mr S Deluxe Sleepsack is going to be 100% worth your investment.

When it comes to sleepsack bondage this deluxe sleep sack is the ducks nuts! Features include:

  • Complete leather to encapsulate your body and stop a naughty puppy from moving even an inch!
  • Internal arm sleeves to keep puppies paws nice and still. If you like the idea of solo sleepsack time you can get special zips on the arms to help you get locked in tight even by yourself!
  • 30 D-Rings to help keep pup nice and tight. No wandering paws for this pup!

IF you are looking for the ultimate sleep sack experience I highly recommend checking out this super deluxe sleepsack of fun!

Check The Mr S Deluxe SleepSack Here

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