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Gpup’s First Sleepsack Bondage

Gpup-Rubber-Sleepsack Hey there Pups. This weekend as part of our Sirius Pup pack meet I had my first experience with a sleepsack.

I am very fortunate to have two very experienced companions for the journey, Pup Boss my amazing Master and Wolf Pup my pup brother.

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I have to say that getting into the firm rubber sleepsack had me feeling two exciting dimensions. The first was excitement and trying something new, second was mild fear…

In my non pup life I work in a job that involves high level of control. I care for many people and they depend on my ability to take control when things are not going well. I am not used to being not in contol, helpless, vunerable.

My heart was beating just that little bit faster as I stripped down and Sir guided me into the sac. As my arms slid into the protective sleeves my heart began to beat faster. My regular hood was a bit distracting so I decided to go for a nice leather hood. Firm against my face the same as the rubber that was encasing my body.

Taking the advice of Sir I just lay back and concentrated on my breathing…. In… Out… In… Out…

Two Pups Sleepsack

My arms were tight against my legs with a layer of rubber between. As I lay I could hear my brother Wolf Pup being guided into his own sleep sack. Again rubber. Wolf chose his rubber doghood so his body was fully encased, rubber head to toe.

I could hear Wolf’s breath, deep heavy sighs as he slowly started his journey inwards.

As I lay I could feel my warm breath inside the muzzle of my leather dog mask. My heart began to race, fear was starting to rise.

As the tension was increasing I was able to hear what was happening in the room. Sir had pulled the blinds helping create a warm dark space conducive to puppy rest time.

Sir was just outside of my view watching over and talking with my other pup brother Brand. The leather tight against my ears I could not make out what they were saying, I started to heart my heart beat almost as if it was coming from a headphone in my ear.

I’m not sure how long I had been in the sleepsack but my feelings of panic had started to rise. I could feel my breathing was getting harder, my heart rate starting to rise. My neck was feeling warm as I tried to move my arms but they were caught tight inside my special rubber sleeves.

With my mind racing I called out to Sir…. Help Sir, this pup was afraid, I felt alone, scared. Sir’s gentle voice was kind, reassuring. “Can I please have the muzzle off my mask?” “Of course pup. Relax, breathe”.

The cool air against my lips was comforting. I could hear my brother beside me, his breaths were deep, almost soleful.

Knowing Sir was there with me soothed my heart. I lay back, I closed my eyes and I just concentrated on my breathing…

In… Out… In… Out…

Gpup in sleepsackIt’s amazing how the mind wanders when much sensory input is removed. At points I felt anxious, at points I felt bliss, almost like I was flying.

My mind drifted to the love of my Master, the man who took this pup in from the cold. I could feel tears in the corner of my eye welling, my heart knowing, submitting, giving over to his love. Such intense feelings while at the same time I pined for Sir.

At times my mind created images of fear. What would happen if I got sick? What if there was a fire? Again my heart started racing… I sat up briefly and could see Sir at the desk and Brand at the foot of the bed. I just wanted to rip out of the sack and just hold them both so tight.

Wolf beside me was breathing deeply.

Before I went into the sack Wolf had told me of his passion for his special puppy sack time. He mentioned his sensation of folding inwards, slowly getting deeper and deeper as he fell into the experience.

Wolfs breathing gave me a pace to follow. In my mind I knew I was safe, but in my heart there was a fear…

What if I lost Sir? What if I lost my pack? What would have life been like had I never been introduced to my true pup self?

Again I took control of my breathing.


At this stage my nose was blocked. As I was breathing thought my mouth my tongue and lips were so dry… I was licking my lips when I could feel Sir just above me.  “Would you like a sip of water or some ice pup?”.

Again my worried mind took over, “would I choke?” “What if I did choke?” “What if… What if”.

Sensing my distress Sir gently reassured me and moistened my lips with a gob of his spit. His scent and taste helped me relax and I slid back into my breathing. Breathe in, breath out…

I did not know how long I had been in the sack but after a while I started to feel like I had enough. Not agitated but I could feel that the stress was building up.

Again Sir was with me, gently talking and after a little while I let him know I was ready to come out.

The feeling as Sir removed my hood and unzipped the top of the sack was like being rescued, an overwhelming feeling of joy, of love. It felt so amazing I was immediately thinking “fuck I want to get back into the sack so I can do it all again!”.

Feeling a little spacey Sir gently guided me back to myself. We talked, hugged and I took a nice warm shower. The water against my skin and the smell of the hotel’s soap centered me and I felt invigorated, I was on an incredible natural high. After my shower Sir told me I had been in my sleepsack for just shy of an hour.

rubber-pup-sleepsackWolf having had much more experience was in his sleepsack for some time more.

His nipples tormented by Brand, Wolf experience moved to a deeply moving sexual journey.

His orgasm was one to behold. I hope that I too will be able to have a similar experience.

Given Wolf’s experience he has been kind enough to allow me to interview him the day after our experience. Please enjoy the recording just below.

I have to say despite the initial anxiety I am 100% thrilled with my experience. I am hoping over the next months to save up and purchase my own neoprene sleepsack. I love neoprene and I imagine that the sensation of the firm warm squeeze of neoprene may help sooth me and I gently drift off to my happy place.

My ultimate dream of course will be to get a deluxe sleepsack. While I may have to save a little bit longer I get the feeling the experience is going to be 100% worth it. Head to toe 3 way zippers, the ability to be suspended from the shoulders as well as the feet, and plenty of D rings should this pup get squirmy sounds like freaking heaven! Unlike it’s little bro the leather sleepsack the deluxe sleepsack allows for suspension both by the shoulders and feet!

Now that’s a head trip!

Hugs and tugs


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