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Neoprene Sleepsack

neoprene sleepsackThose who know me know that I love neoprene, so the idea of a neoprene sleepsack gets me rock hard just at the thought.

My first sleepsack experience was in a rubber sleepsack. I really enjoyed the warmth and how it encapsulated my body from head to toe…

Neoprene Sleepsack Review

With the same wonderfully stretchy feel of rubber, neoprene has the added bonus of being a lot more robust with just enough give should puppy need to adjust how he’s sitting.

Another bonus is the addition of multiple “D-Rings” along the zipper that enable the sack to be made even tighter against the skin. The 3-way zipper also means that your pup’s cock can be exposed while the rest of his body is locked down.

Inside the neoprene sleep sack has special inner arms to stop puppy getting into trouble and if he’s very adventurous he can even get himself into the sack all my himself… Getting out? Well that’s a little more difficult. I highly recommend having a friend or Master close by just in case it gets harder than anticipated 😉

That said, sometimes a naughty puppy does need to be in the sack just that little bit longer so he learns!

I love neoprene, and the idea of a neoprene sleep sack just gets me rock hard… This one is going straight to the playroom, with your permission of course Sir 🙂 .

Check Out The Neoprene Sleepsack Here @ Mr S

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