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Rubber Sleepsack

Review of: Rubber Sleepsack
Rubber Sleepsack

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On June 28, 2013
Last modified:November 3, 2014


If you are looking for the ultimate sleep sack experience you can't go past this rubber sleepsack. It's lovely warm and firm against the skin with a fantastic slippery feel as your body heat warms it up. Feels amazing to enjoy. Highly recommended.

rubber sleepsackHey there Pups. If you are looking for a great start if you are interested in mummification or restraint I highly recommend this fantastic rubber sleepsack from the guys at Mr S Leather.

As I mentioned in my first sleepsack experience, my first time for my “special puppy nap” was in this very same rubber sleepsack.

I am a huge fan of rubber so it’s gentle encasement with rubber, it’s smell and the wonderful sensation against my skin was magical.

WIth a zipper from head to toe getting into the rubber sleepsack was very easy. Inside are two special arm holders so once you are locked inside you are not going to be able to get out until your master is good and ready.

I noticed over time that my sweat started to marinate around me filling my nose with that manly funk that gets me rock hard… I imagine with addition of Sir’s piss and this rubber sack might just change into a freaking orgy! Good things those arms are locked away to the side you puppy can’t touch his cock!

Of course your arms don’t need to be locked away every time 😉 .

Freaking love it! I give the Mr S Rubber Sleepsack a double thumbs up!

Check Out The Rubber SleepSack @ Mr S Leather

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