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Leather Sleepsack

leather-sleepsackIf you are looking for a leather sleepsack this is the baby for you.

Based on the same design as the deluxe sleepsack at Mr S, this version does not include the straps and additional leather required to allow suspension thus helping you enjoy a full encasement in leather with a more affordable price.

Like it’s neoprene and rubber brothers the leather sleep sack includes special inner arm sleeves to help keep your pup nice and still with “no fiddling” where Sir can’t see his hands.

Unlike neoprene or rubber, leather has less give so once pup is locked in there is little in the way for movement. Also included are 38 D-rings that will allow the sack to be bone crushing tight, or more loose for an overnight experience.

Like it’s brothers the leather sleepsack can be used for solo play however you will not be able to slip your arms in the sleeves but sometimes that can be nice. I love the 3 way zip system so Sir can always expose what he needs when he wants to play as well.

There is also a zipper in the back for access to the ass. Yep, you can squirm all you like pup but if Sir wants your ass he is going to be able to take it. He he 🙂

I give this a double thumbs up and this is a great version to consider if you are looking for leather but are not that keen on suspension.

You Can Check Out The Leather Sleepsack Here At Mr S

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